Recent publications

Hilevych, Y. (2021). Véronique Petit, Kaveri Qureshi, Yves Charbit, and Philip Kreager (Eds.) The Anthropological Demography of Health Oxford University Press, 2020, 552 p [LINK]

Hilevych Y. (2020) Entrance into parenthood at the onset of low fertility in Ukraine: The role of family relationships and perceived security, Demographic Research 42, pp. 779-826  [PDF]


Surrogate motherhood or work? (In Ukrainian: Сурогатне материнство чи все-таки робота?) Gender in detail (March 29, 2021)

First public cases of surrogacy in 1978 Britain: can they help us to better understand surrogacy today? ReproSoc blog post (November 19, 2019)

Commentary on BBC Woman’s Hour about the history of artificial insemination in Britain (February 26, 2019; just after 32 minutes)